Dr. Zunaida Zakaria (UniMAP) – status: completed

Project Title: Modelling and Characterization of The Mechanical Response of Polyolefin Foams


Dr. Suzi Salwah Jikan (UTHM) – status: completed

Project Title: Rheological Behaviour of Multicomponent Filled Polypropylene


Dr. Ngoc Uy Lan (UniMAP) – status: completed

Project Title: Production and Utilization of Epoxy Particles as An Advanced Filler


Tan Yizong– status: ongoing

Project Title: Flow of Polymer in a Closed Cavity Evaluated by Utilization of Computer-aided Simulation and the Relationship with Failure of Polymer Parts


Komethi a/p Muniandy– status: ongoing

Project Title: Shear modification during blown film extrusion and its influence towards rheological and crystallization behaviour of semicrystalline polymers


Mohd Shamsul Farid Samsudin– status: ongoing

Project Title: The formation of microcellular structure from dry natural rubber (NR) and its response towards mechanical deformation.


Norwanis Hasan– status: ongoing

Project Title: Development of Polymer-Cement Foam and Characterisations of Its Properties for Insulation Applications